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Liseron from ERIKC to forget the early heart side was always

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Good quality and service is the key to leading the industry, You must be getting better and better !

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I have 5 years Bosch dealers and I have clients on the fuel equipment. you have good quality, better than the original.

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Liseron from ERIKC to forget the early heart side was always
   In a diesel engine high pressure common rail injector industry, ERIKC brand from the UK to the professional quality and reliable products win a lot of customer trust and unanimous praise. As a British ERIKC exclusive agency operators in Asia, Zhengzhou Liseron professional service and good reputation in the industry has set a high reputation, and gradually developed into a leader in the industry. Forget the early heart side was always, from ERIKC Liseron to build every step of the brand are inseparable from the efforts and dedication of each employee, every step by step go far are robust and powerful.
   Strong international brand background

British ERIKC Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly Bosch Denso foundry with decades of history, has been committed to the production and sale of common rail fuel Rong parts, makes a strong team of engineers and advanced technology makes the product quality with international standards. As an international brand, ERIKC products suitable for the world engine system, its quality and reputation has won numerous old and new customers recognized as the Chinese market and overseas market selling rail products.

Forget the beginning of the heart, the continuation of quality

As a British ERIKC brand exclusive agents in Asia, Zhengzhou Liseron from product to sell are strictly ERIKC with high-quality products and good service, in the common rail injector parts industry has set a very high authority, so Britain ERIKC and Liseron become synonymous with high-end brands. Zhengzhou Liseron in the continuation ERIKC quality of the brand is even more common than its own brand "OMD" and "DYD", adhere to the fine line fuel injection parts, continue to provide users with better products.

Improve service, integrity management

Gold silver cup as word of mouth customers, customer feedback and reputation of a brand is the best evidence. British ERIKC, Zhengzhou Liseron was able to win the praise and recognition, which is genuine and sincere attitude, warm and thoughtful service are closely related. On the one hand the quality of products strictly controlled, especially good tune valve components and other products durable, long warranty time, on the other hand Zhengzhou Liseron adhere to either export or domestic, we have adopted the same quality control standards, without distinction of any treatment to ensure fair treatment of all customers, and constantly improve service, so that Zhengzhou Liseron has approved a high enough loyal customers.

Fulfill its responsibilities focus on environmental protection

In recent years, environmental issues become an increasing concern of the community, especially in the automotive industry is facing a more severe test. The diesel engine with low fuel consumption and high combustion efficiency, features and advantages of green cleaning, but also by a growing number of manufacturers and consumers. Low fuel consumption and low pollution is a British brand ERIKC strategic objectives, but also Zhengzhou Liseron purpose and direction. Liseron actively fulfill their social responsibility, pay attention to environmental protection, to create clean energy, green living power for environmental protection and make a contribution and efforts.

Forget the beginning of the heart, was always square. Zhengzhou Liseron know that in science and technology and the rapid development of today's social environment, in order to remain in the industry far ahead, we need to strive to make many more. Zhengzhou Liseron product quality will always continue to provide warm and thoughtful service, to seize the common rail fuel injector parts industry high ground, to achieve the brand's heritage and development to achieve higher and more powerful climbing.
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