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Run it,Liseron

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Good quality and service is the key to leading the industry, You must be getting better and better !

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I have 5 years Bosch dealers and I have clients on the fuel equipment. you have good quality, better than the original.

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Run it,Liseron
In the last year, a decline in the market economy, businesses face a "BOSS cold" dilemma situation, market sales Fuel Injection Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Liseron but steady growth, and further develop the market, and achieved impressive sales performance. Zhengzhou Liseron 's success is no accident, fine quality, service center, Liseron strong brand laid a solid foundation for shaping the leading brand Li Sailong.

Today's Zhengzhou Liseron Fuel Injection Equipment Co., Ltd, running like a Wolf, a moment never relaxed vigilance, stop too hard, always resolute step toward the front step. At the same time, we continue to own and race, one after another beyond themselves. Let us take a look at how the Zhengzhou Liseron leader in the common rail injector parts industry:
Do products: with their race

Okay product, the market had the final say. Product quality is fundamental to develop a brand. Many dealers said Liseron , chose Liseron choose ERIKC British brand, because of its stable quality, reasonable price, safe and efficient, high-volume customers with a look after the brand, the customer back rate is also high. According to statistics, Liseron orders again on a higher level than last year, the market share of straight up.

Meanwhile, Liseron also according to the different needs of the market, the refining market, rich product line, the Acting British ERIKC brand products, but the brand has experienced "OMD" and "DYD". It is this mentality of their own insatiable, continue to make breakthroughs in the product themselves and improve themselves, let Liseron common rail products continue to progress, to get more customers.

Engage in management: a race with the times

Zhengzhou Liseron of domestic and foreign trade business is divided into two parts, in Liseron team, operational and management personnel formed a young energetic team. It is this young team, led by the young Liseron in the market has grown. This group of 80, 90 after the management as a new generation, and they are relatively more receptive to new ideas, new ways, new technologies. At the same time, more dare to break the routine, dare Ganpin. The younger and more passionate young team can better adapt to the new competition in the market.

Executive Direction: Market Racing

In a diesel engine components market, Zhengzhou Liseron continue to win the market and reputation, access to market opportunities. However, competition in the market is constantly changing, moment to relax are likely to result in final defeat, Liseron need is to identify the direction of the market, to grow their own, to further expand its own advantages.

With the new laboratory built, launched two new detectors and new technologies, with advanced gradually put in place, the new office address carefully renovated to improve the business environment, as well as the production process and improve the quality, I believe that the Liseron market position will be further consolidated. Meanwhile, Liseron continue concentrating on product quality and management team to continue to increase productivity, improve quality, to continue the introduction of talent, and the market race.

Run it, Liseron ! The new starting point for a new journey, Zhengzhou Liseron will not stop with your own race, and strive to build a green, environmentally friendly, durable good tune common rail components products, and strive to continue to lead the common rail parts market, creating higher quality model.
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